10 Mistakes to Avoid When Staying Over at a Grants Pass Hotel in Oregon

Jetsetting to Oregon as a first-timer can be both a curse and a blessing. Though, who will forget the once in the lifetime opportunity to witness rip-roaring rapids on the Rogue River or observing some historical artifacts nearby popular Grants Pass Motels. Find the best Inns & Lodgings in Oregon at Redwood Motel | Grants Pass Hotel.

If you go unprepared, such lovely memories will undoubtedly be tarnished by numerous traveling errors.

To avoid this from happening, we have spelled out precisely what you should not do when traveling overseas to the Northern parts of the United States.

Learning from some of the mistakes that follow will minimize unnecessary stress levels ahead of your trip when traveling and also save you valuable time and resources.

1 – Traveling to Your Hotel Using a Cab

Do not try doing so from the airport as many major American cities offer dependable public transportation. Use it the minute you arrive. You will experience a better feel of the area, and save on the high cab fares. If there were ever an option to walk anywhere, make use of it and get a chance to talk to the locals.

2 – Buy Event Tickets Too Late

If you wait until you’ve arrived at a museum or favorite feature before getting your ticket, you will soon find it is a bad idea. Scrambling last minute, especially during season time will leave you in a very long line, or the venue you attend will soon reach full capacity, and you may not be able to enter. Book in advance is the best preventive measure.

3 – Settle for the First and Best Restaurant

As far as food is concerned, do not take any chances by just settling for the first restaurant you come across. Check things out ahead of time and make a list of eateries in the area close to your favorite motel in Grants Pass. Local hot spots are often more affordable and worthy of your attention.

4 – Carry a Boatful of Cash

Do not fret, many places take credit card, which is something you would have in your wallet nearby, right? Be sure to sign up for one where you are not charged foreign transaction fees. Some cash is okay, but do not carry too much with you.

5 – Not Spending Enough Time Outside

Americans enjoy eating and drinking outdoors. Copy them by doing what they do and pack a good sized blanket, enough refreshments from a grocer. Make it your mission to have at least one of your meals in the park area of the Redwood Motel in Grants Pass. Book a night or two at this motel whenever you are in the area. You’ll be glad you did.

6 – Neglecting to Check Your Phone Plan

More and more mobile carriers offer international roaming. Be sure to read through the details of your phone plan or give them a call a couple of days before you leave to ensure you have sufficient data when needed. Ensure the Google Maps app functions.

7 – Not All Water and Bread Baskets Are Free

Some folks tend to think that these things are on the house. However, many restaurants do not provide these for free, which can quickly drive up your tab. Unless you are sure you really want the bread and water, tell the waiter you’d prefer not have it set on your table. For cost-effectiveness get hold of a jug of water and fill up your sports bottle with it, then carry the water wherever you go.

8 – Ignore 24-Hour Format for Your Phone

It is highly recommended you set your phone to 24-hour time to ensure you do not miss anything.

9 – Downplay Comfort

Irrespective where you are going to, some walking will be involved. Therefore, it is essential to plan your packing. It indeed is no joke to explore the great outdoors in uncomfortable or tight-fitting footwear. Do not be the party pooper who spoils everyone else’s hiking efforts by slowing them down due to being dressed inappropriately. Research a variety of travel shoes before you head off to your travel destination.

10 – Forget to Smile

You may fail to carry out your to-do-list while on vacation as there will in all likelihood some bumps along the way, do not let these mishaps get you down. After all, you are on vacation and visiting beautiful locations, and staying over at travel-friendly motels in Grants Pass. Do your best to smile and enjoy yourself.