Muzzle Brakes for Cannons and Rifles – Can It Work for Both?

The M119 howitzer platform received a low blast  recoil reducer that is 105mm in length, thanks to the innovation and expertise of U.S. Army engineers. That got them awarded the best muzzle brake design.

This recoil compensator is the first large caliber device that was manufactured for existing gun systems. The LBOPs are designed to ensure new cannon designs performs adequately on the battlefield as it reduces the recoil of weapons such as the M119 howitzer.

What is more, the 223 muzzle brakes make the warfighters way more dangerous as it allows them to sustain a more significant number of rounds fired in a day due to the significantly lower blast overpressure the artillery person experiences.

Also, the enhancements ensure that the M119 operates a lot safer and quieter when firing it.

The recoil reduction they experience from having a brake fitted varies from 13 to 48 percent, depending on the quadrant elevations at the time.

Did you know that the British army uses the M119 howitzer as a light artillery weapon? In the U.S. the National Guard combat teams and regular Army make use of it.

The mere fact that the 308 muzzle brakes effectively reduce the noise and recoil production by redirecting the gasses to the back of the weapon is a marvel to all who witnesses the process. One can compare it to the thrust reversal experienced by fighter pilots when they land a jet plane in that their engines redirect the exhaust of the aircraft forward to slow the momentum of the plane drastically.

Regular Silencers Used on Handguns and Rifles

Shooters everywhere are happy to experience improved recoil reduction as their radial baffles divert the gas in a rearward motion away from them. They are so glad to report exceptional performance thanks to these recoil compensators.

Then there is a blank section towards the bottom of the fitted brake that ensures any dust gets eliminated while it prevents debris and dirt from coming up around the shooter.

Another massive advantage to regular brakes would be the ability to savor the graphics of every shot, which one can thank the blank area towards the bottom section of the device that sorts out any dirt and dust issues that usually stands in the way of happy shooting experience.

Companies like Madhouse Design presents their very functional triple-port muzzle brake that is constructed from 303 stainless steel.

Best of all, with this device, you can be sure that muzzle rise will be drastically reduced to help improve accurate and fast target acquisition.

Only the best CNC and heat-treated materials are used during the manufacturing process.

Further to this, the larger ports of the triple-port brand make life easier when it comes to cleaning the device while out on the field.

There is no need to try and design such masterpieces on your own as Madhouse Design has done all the work for you with their specialized brakes.

Their devices provide an attractive and uniform appearance that also ensures you do not have to worry about a nasty glare because of bright conditions or the sun. Their recoil reducers add an additional 2.220 inches to your rifle.

Testing the Effects of Recoil

Follow along as we check effective compensators reduce recoil.

For this experiment, the brake got strapped to a test rig that freely slid on the table it was set on. The idea is to measure how far the rig would go back after each shot. What a fine way to quantify the energy produced by the rearward recoil. To ensure the test was not cooked, each round was ejected manually before loading the next one. Further to this, each and every muzzle device used got timed correctly and was tested twice.

The results were astounding as the average difference detected between the shortest slide and the farthest one for all the tests completed was a mere 0.14-inches, which is just over an eighth of an inch. Isn’t that just fantastic?

On hearing this, doesn’t it make that you want to go ahead an order your very own compact design of Madhouse’s Triple-Port Muzzle Brake that features robust bottom section and CNC machined threads to ensure an optimum fit and worry-free alignment?

You can make your selection from a 308, 223, 6.5 Creedmoor, or AK silencers.